We are very fortunate at this practice to say we have been caring for many generations of the same family, and are privileged to have shared their dental journey from their first check-ups to their teen dental care and into adulthood.

We always recommend that dental care be promoted within the family, and that children also have their dental check up and clean twice a year.

We usually advise that around 3 or 4 years of age that they should have an examination and clean, but from when their first tooth arrives, dental care needs to start in ways such as a developing a good diet, developing good habits of cleaning their teeth regularly – age appropriately of course – and an understanding about bottle feeding caries (decay from bottle drinking).

As parents or carers, when you are booked in for your regular check-ups, we would advise you to bring the children in to get familiar with the practice, play with the toys, ride in the chair etc so that when it’s their turn, they will feel more comfortable.