“A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care.”

— Wayne Chirisa

General Dentistry

Comprehensive Examination

Comprehensive Examination

Maude Street Dental thrives in providing proper oral health for patients, attested by our comprehensive check-ups, where we examine every part of your oral health. Our all-inclusive check-ups guarantee optimal dental care for patients.

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Gum Disease Management

Periodontal disease, otherwise known as gum disease, can vary from mild inflammation to severe forms, bringing about permanent damage to soft tissues and bone which support teeth. Leaving gum disease untreated can cause severe pain leading to the loss of teeth. Research findings indicate a link between periodontal disease and systemic conditions, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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gum treatment
dental crowns

Dental Crowns

A crown is a form of restoration that assumes the shape of a tooth, encasing the whole tooth surface to improve the appearance and strength of a tooth. Severe tooth break-down requires crowns since a filling cannot provide the necessary strength and support. In such cases, our Shepparton dentist provides patients with custom-made Australian ceramic crowns for beautiful smiles.

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Root Canal Treatment

Despite the painful experience often associated with root canal treatment, Maude Street Dental makes every effort to ensure that you’re comfortable during your treatment. The inflammation or infection of the pulp inside a tooth requires root canal treatment. Patients can experience continuous pain and persistent or extreme sensitivity to cold or hot foods or drinks. Tooth discolouration and facial swelling are also associated symptoms.

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Dental Extractions

Maude Street Dental believes that the seamless maintenance of a natural smile and teeth is based on retaining our natural teeth. However, tooth extraction can be the only treatment option available in some cases. Tooth extraction is necessary when there is heavy tooth breakdown or decay, severe periodontal disease and split roots or vertical cracks.

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Custom Mouthguards

A mouthguard is crucial for protection during contact sports or where teeth grinding is involved. Mouthguards are custom made such that there is fitting and protection that provides the most benefit whilst also being comfortable to use. Having seen emergency patients with sporting injuries, the team at Maude Street Dental recognises the importance of using a mouthguard to prevent injury.

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