Dr Bell has been treating patients who require Orthodontic work/braces for over 25 years. We can treat you for straight forward orthodontic treatment with either removable appliances, or more complex cases with functional appliances and full fixed braces. 

There are times when cases are more complex requiring referral to a specialised orthodontist, so when the case is straight forward, we offer an alternative to specialist orthodontist management. 

After consultation for orthodontic work, you will be given a treatment quotation and we will explain the costs involved.

Orthodontic treatment is usually done over a period of between 18 – 24 months (for full banding) but some cases may only require removable appliances over a shorter period of time. 

Having successful orthodontic treatment takes commitment by the patient, not only because of the length of time the treatment takes, but also because when braces are taken off, retainers need to be worn so that all that hard work does not relapse. It is also an expensive treatment and we are mindful that the best advice is imperative. 

Our staff are well trained and will offer lots of instruction and advice along the way.