Custom Mouthguards

As Shepparton’s mouthguard specialists, we understand that they are essential in sport and even for teeth grinding. Regardless of their purpose, these mouthguards must be custom-made to ensure they fit and protect your teeth comfortably. At Maude Street Dental, we often see emergency patients come through our doors with sporting injuries resulting in damage to teeth. Often these injuries could have been prevented if a mouth guard had been worn. We cannot stress how valuable mouthguards can be and advise all our patients playing contact sports to wear our custom mouthguards.

Night mouthguards or commonly known as occlusal splints are another form of mouthguard we provide for our patients. Occlusal splints are worn by our patients who unknowingly grind their teeth at night. These custom-made splints prevent the wearing away of teeth and help alleviate jaw and muscle pain associated with teeth grinding. With various colours and designs to choose from, make sure you get in touch with our team so we can have you ready for your upcoming season of sport.